"It's only through writing that I've ever been able to suppress life's personal disappointments. When I can't write I feel anxious and out of sorts and am easily riled, though I'm usually able to control my emotions..."
- Pramoedya Ananta Toer (The Mute's Soliloquy: A Memoir)
["Hanya dengan menulis aku mampu menekan segala kekecewaan peribadi hidup. Bila aku tidak menulis, aku merasa cemas & tidak keruan serta mudah gusar, walau selalunya aku bisa mengawal emosiku..."]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Never did I thought that I can come out with another novel. Seriously NO! 'CINTA TUNGGAL' was back years ago when I did it. Since then, never I wrote any novel. NEVER! When I start working with GEMPAK™, then I started writing short stories. That was it. Nothing much, nothing less. Suddenly, here I'm! My second novel & it based from Kaoru's comics. What a cheer things to do! I love writing. It's like u don't have to think a lot but all u need to is come out with plans. So guys! Enjoy my second novel here... in market 18th August 2007.

Well, I love playing around with our curiosity when we fall in love. Some people will just take it, and some will have to think it first before saying OK with it. We can fall in love with anyone that's bright to our eyes. But who we decide to love? That's the ironic part. So in this novel, I took the effort to pronounce the situation in a mild way. For me, it's cool if we can see the deeper side. Only your heart can speak through it.

The best part.. Kaoru draw exclusively for this novel include the cover! Amazing!
ENJOY READING IT! Errr... sorry, only in Malay language.


mueja said...



you really wrote the novel ? my ex boyfriend used to read for me the novel when we were on the phone . sadly , he havent read for me the ending . im searching for the book . where can i purchase it ? i bought kaoru's cake house comic where i thought that is the only kaoru cake house book . im disappointed when i find, there's none of the story i heard from my ex boyfriend . so please let me know where can i buy 143 kaoru cake house ?

Anonymous said...

you can buy at selected store like 7 eleven or bookshop or somewhere else

Anonymous said...

fak q

hunnyandvanilla said...

I'm a big fan of Kaoru and came across your novel right after it was released in '07..
Yesterday, I came home and opened the novel again... And I think I would like to say something to you as the author.

I love Kaoru's works and with the same feeling, I was expecting the same for you...

But then, when I finished reading the novel, Im very much disappointed.

Lots of misspellings and sometimes I'm confuse with the flow of the story.

But the story is sweet...

Fakhrul 'Ayour' Anour said...


thank you so much, I appreciate your honesty & concern. Well, I came out with the idea & wrote the story in just about a week. About the misspellings, I'm sorry... most of my writing grammar, I don't really follow DBP rules, if there's vocabulary misspell, I'm sorry (coz I was the editor too. >_<).

About the flow of the story, well it was not easy for me to relate 3 persons in a love relationship in just a week. Haha! But the plan was, the love story itself is a confuse relationship where Jasmin is hardly focus on which she prefer.

But if you meant there was misunderstood plot, I will sure check it out again.



seriusly saya nk novel nie.. hampir satu tahun saya cari.. blh bagi idea mana ada jual novel nie???? kawan saya hilangkan novel saya nie.. saya harap ada yang tahu mana nk bli lagi..

Fakhrul Anour said...

Lovelyville: boleh order melalui Borang Langganan dalam majalah GEMPAK atau turun ke opis Gempak Starz di Bandar Tasik Selatan & beli di situ jer. ^_^