"It's only through writing that I've ever been able to suppress life's personal disappointments. When I can't write I feel anxious and out of sorts and am easily riled, though I'm usually able to control my emotions..."
- Pramoedya Ananta Toer (The Mute's Soliloquy: A Memoir)
["Hanya dengan menulis aku mampu menekan segala kekecewaan peribadi hidup. Bila aku tidak menulis, aku merasa cemas & tidak keruan serta mudah gusar, walau selalunya aku bisa mengawal emosiku..."]

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


"Beauty of a relationship is when two made a pact that only both knew so much than anyone else could see. It's the mutual victory of an affair which life kept secret of love so pure that the world bears in silence. Nothing last forever, not even a tale that break the ice of golden shibboleth. But what has been written in heaven for two to uphold, as bond kept secret, is hell washed away by truth of heart which has been given in honesty."
::: The real sound that echoed only in silence

CUPID: Rather than you choose someone younger, witty but less convincing with so many guessing games, why don't you choose someone older with similar quality; same age or older but more convincing. In this game you won't lose a thing. Both sparked undeniably true love. But the young one will waste your time compared to the wiser one... so what is your say?

FELICITY: As long I know I'm foolishly in love with him...

CUPID: Well... aren't you leaving the young love because you're chasing the wiser one that now caused the young one in doubt with you?

FELICITY: True... but many things that happened always lead me to the young one.

CUPID: That's what we call fate. You're meant to be with the young one. But that doesn't mean you cannot be in love with the wiser one. The young one maybe not the one you're going to hold in your arms, but at least he's at your pedestal.

FELICITY: I don't think the wiser one will have me too.

CUPID: Therefore, run for your life to the one that has been waiting you for so many years...

FELICITY: Him? The one that's always on the line?

CUPID: Exactly.

FELICITY: But I haven't met him... but he's always there on the line whenever I need comfort. He believes in me though we never meet in person.

CUPID: But you know everything about him, right?

FELICITY: Not everything, only parts that he told me.

CUPID: Have you ever doubt him even once?

FELICITY: .... (thinking for a while)... thought of that, surprisingly close to never.

CUPID: Therefore chase him before someone holds you back. A friendship without doubt will leads to the most faithful love relationship. As far I know, he's far older than any those two. Far better, he's a teacher who has been teaching not only for his country but also for other people's country. He's maybe not as handsome as those two witty men to fit your beauty, but he's not as fool as those handsome men you're waiting for happiness.

FELICITY: But what if I'm wrong...? What if these two men were never in doubt with me? What if they are just...

CUPID: No... they put you in doubt. That's not good my dear. No regret. Chase this guy you haven't met. These two men you've met and love, they're just your past to make you see clearly the way to the teacher.

FELICITY: How can you be so sure?

CUPID: Because I am a cupid. My kind don't waste human time to make them fall in love.

FELICITY: Meaning?

CUPID: I shot 3 arrows to your heart... you're in love with the all three. But I know you... so in return I shot an arrow to each of their heart, and that arrows meant for you. But to realize a dream, you need efforts! Seems you have more than an arrow, THAT has made you a star. A star is a gift, therefore they need to prove to you their love rather than making you in doubt. Because your efforts are to the people, in return their efforts are supposed to you, for the people. But they knew less. Yet for the teacher, I believe he's different. He's the moon that shines the star; you. So go to him before someone else ready to play as your moon.

FELICITY: I'm in doubt...

CUPID: Which part?

FELICITY: I haven't met him!

CUPID: You will... just put an effort and you will. Look at those two you're right now in love, have you ever met them before?


CUPID: You met them, only then you're in love, right?


CUPID: How about this teacher?

FELICITY: I love him before I even met him.

CUPID: You get my point?

Suddenly a smile so wide, a face so bright, shines like the most beautiful star that you have never seen twinkling in the dark sky. Though there's no moon to be found, must be the moon has lighten up the star from somewhere else unseen...
Felicity belonged... THE END.

'Be Alright' original by Justin Bieber (Believe) | music by LynnSchaefferMusic

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