"It's only through writing that I've ever been able to suppress life's personal disappointments. When I can't write I feel anxious and out of sorts and am easily riled, though I'm usually able to control my emotions..."
- Pramoedya Ananta Toer (The Mute's Soliloquy: A Memoir)
["Hanya dengan menulis aku mampu menekan segala kekecewaan peribadi hidup. Bila aku tidak menulis, aku merasa cemas & tidak keruan serta mudah gusar, walau selalunya aku bisa mengawal emosiku..."]

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Secret Admirer: A Dove's Heart

Maria & Nizam Asari... today.

A name presently stated in her heart
A lovely being with the beautiful eyes
He smiles gracefully straight to her arms
Makes her smile intimately too much

She imagined him to dance with her
As a pair of two she seeks
She's dancing with a dove's man
He's the man who do the monkey's dance

He walks taller than her
He speaks less loud than her
But he's always comparable to her
Because he's half of her

A man of her destiny
A lover of her dream
A friend of her best indeed

No wonder he has her before she did
He's a conqueror she spoke to meet
He conquered her faithfully.

Original by Christina Perri | Music by Sing2Piano

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